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Smokey Quartz Crystal
Gemstone Healing

Smokey Quartz and Meditating

Smokey Quartz is one of those beautiful crystals that catches your attention. For a while now, there is this one Smokey Quartz heart that continues

Reiki and Protection
Reiki Journal

Reiki and Protection

Reiki and protection go hand in hand, no pun intended! So, today’s journal looks at how important protection is when providing Reiki. Reiki and Protection

Hematoid Red Quartz
Gemstone Healing

Hematoid Quartz

New in stock is the amazingly beautiful crystal, Hematoid Quartz. It also goes by other names such as: – Its colour varies due to the

Tourmaline for anxiety relief
Gemstone Healing

Tourmaline for Anxiety

I’ve had great success using Tourmaline for anxiety relief and I’m not on my own. It’s renowned for protection as well as helping people manage

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