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Gratitude and Reiki


Gratitude and Reiki go hand in hand, but during today’s self-Reiki session, I received profound wisdom that relates to my current situation. Without a doubt, I was open to receiving messages from my guides and they came in the form of powerful affirmations.

Gratitude and Reiki
Gratitude and Reiki

Reading the above affirmations, I will not be surprised if you hone in on the word, ‘crone‘. Well, I have accepted my transition to crone with open arms and as a result, I am sitting in my power.

My transformation is now

I fully accept my transition to crone

I am sitting in my power!

Unfortunately, one definition of a crone is an ugly old woman. This is not the crone that I am speaking of!

My definition of a crone is the spiritual phase of transformation that an older woman reaches following menopause.

My experience of menopause deserves its own journal however, we must recognise it for the changes and wisdom it brings. Most women on a spiritual path will recognise that this transformation is one of slowing down in life. Afterall, with age comes wisdom and I can use this to help others, especially those who are suffering with anxiety and menopause. However, my physical body is aging and I cannot pour from an empty cup hence the slowing down.

Reiki is instrumental in helping me cope with any type of major change and it also brings me a sense of peace. Furthermore, it delivers me a sense of ‘oneness‘. In this state, there is no pain and there is no worry.

I’m not ashamed to admit my status of a crone. In fact, I welcome this phase and honestly, I have never been happier and ready for my future transition.

I personally believe that Reiki assists me with not requiring Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Thankfully and with gratitude, I’m managing my aches, pains and flushes. Wisdom teaches me that to resist change will only worsen my symptoms and quality of life. One must take on the flow of life and challenge any fears surrounding change. Of course, from my experience of anxiety, I know how irational fear can hold me back in life.

The Crone Awakens During Reiki

My foundation is my soul and through Reiki, I have most definitely reconnected with it afterall, it is the very essence of who I am!

Our heritage is to continue moving forward and develop our spiritual wisdom so that we can assit others in life. Spiritually, it’s a realisation that our time has come to share our knowledge with younger generations. Through our own troubles and various life experiences, we become the backbone of support. Furthermore, if your heart is pure and you act with an open heart, the rewards are a feeling of complete peace. A sense of being at one with myself and life.

This is my coming home!

I am 100% grateful to be fully understanding and feeling this love.

Feelings of Gratitude During Reiki

Anyway, I digress and I would like to tell you about these powerful affirmations that came to me during today’s session of self-Reiki.

My dreams are now my reality

I remember back in 2017 my calling to help other people suffering stress and anxiety following my own experience. Also, I remember the irational fear or my inner critic telling me that I’m stupid and that I will fail. Practicing the art of gratitude and indeed, it is one of the five Reiki principles, provides me with such inner strength to challenge fear. Five years later and my dreams are now my reality.

Every time I perform self-Reiki, I am loving and nurturing the very essence of who I am. Furthermore, I remember my Reiki Master telling me that when you receive Reiki, you let go of anxiety. Yesterday, during an attunement for a lovely young lady, I experienced her release of anxiety. Witnessing such a transformation is truly an honour and one that I’m extremely grateful for. I’m still smiling now as I think about it.

A beacon to those who also shine

I smile so much when performing self-Reiki and I know exactly how I’m responsible, and more importantly, accountable for the life I am living now. Still, the magic of the Universe continues offering me new awakenings that further instils a sense of peace and unconditional love. I feel the love for every living thing including myself. When unexpected challenges come my way, Reiki sees me through. Right now, I am facing such challenges and I find it remarkable how well I am handling them. I am remaining calm for the majority of it and I’m also enjoying my creativity to address such changes. Don’t get me wrong, of course I do have the odd wobble, but I’m able to challenge the unknown and apply reason, and logic. Reiki helps me to reset my thoughts and balance them against my hearts desires.

I am coming home, home to my soul

Often I will tell my students to journal about each of the five Reiki principles and what they mean to them in the here, and now. Doing this exercise on a regular basis shows you how Reiki brings you home to your soul. Sure enough, I’m in the process of re-examining mine.

Letting Go of Anxiety with Reiki

Summarising this attunement yesterday, I saw so much of myself in my student who is finding Reiki as a result of her anxiety. Her path led her to Reiki, just like mine did over five years ago.

With my gained knowledge and wisdom, I was able to grow her inner strength, and confidence to accept her spiritual transformation. Upon reflection, such immense feelings of love washes over me as I continue smiling. The phrase ‘mother crone‘ comes to mind and although my inner critic is trying its very best to make me feel stupid, I’m smiling with joy and pure delight.

Like attracts like!

I’m now embarking on my new chapter in life. I’m 52 years of age and I’m loving life right now! Of course, it makes sense to slow down so that I can enjoy my time and bloody well bloom. I’m talking about my inheritence of wealth, which is not just about finances. In life, we reap what we sow and adopting a spiritual practice that invests and nurtures your soul, is one of the best things you can do.

I will leave you with some wisdom.

Wisdom, Gratitude and Reiki

Connect with nature

Explore her vibrant colours, fragrances and actually feel the Earth and her beauty.

Tune into her cycles and rythmic nature, and feel the oneness.

Come home to who you really are!

Remember, your body contain the minerals of this Earthly plane. Therefore, be connected, be in tune, be still and live for now!

If you would like to learn Reiki with me, please visit my Learn Reiki page for further information.

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