Reiki awakened my soul

Reiki awakened my soul

I often get asked, “what are the benefits of Reiki and what can it do for me?”

Although everyone is different, here’s my account of how Reiki awakened my soul.

Reiki awakened my soul
Reiki awakened my soul

Reiki awakened my soul and I was free!

Crippling anxiety and feelings of worthlessness are long gone thanks to Reiki.

If you’re struggling with a mental health issue I know how vulnerable you can feel.

I’ve been there!

A number of factors led to my anxiety and depression. One of them was stress at work, which was causing my mind to be all over the place. I wasn’t enjoying life, or my career. I also had a constant voice inside of me telling me that I’m worthy of so much more. Fear kept silencing it!

I also disliked my reflection in the mirror. I remember avoiding looking and many times I would not want to go to work for feeling ugly.

A lack of trust, or waiting for the worst case scenario to happen was another constant feature of my life. I was very unhappy.

I’ve heard it said that Reiki can find you. Well, it certainly did and Reiki has awakened my soul to the true beauty of life.

Reiki is Universal Energy

My road to recovery introduced me to the magic of Universal energy via Reiki.

Admittedly I didn’t know much about Reiki and I dove straight in and completed my Reiki level one attunement. I instinctively knew that I would benefit from it, plus I had a wonderful Reiki Master. She explained Reiki beautifully, but more importantly how it can balance your mind, body and soul.

Upon reflection, I know that Reiki performed a shift of energy that allowed me to start thinking positively. I also realised the importance of living life in the present moment. An attunement does clear your energy body of any stagnant energy to facilitate a fast flow of Universal healing energy. Therefore, it’s a spiritual cleansing.

My perception of life has changed so much since my various attunement. I now run my own healing business, and I’m absolutely loving it.

Doors are opening

Doors are continuing to open, and I don’t look back. I love life a lot more, but don’t get me wrong, my life is far from perfect. I have my blips, but I manage them. In fact, as I write this now, I’m dealing with family trauma and I’m coping with it. Previously, I would have lost it big time. My emotions would have most certainly have got the better of me. My anxiety would have been through the roof. And yes, more than likely, I would have made things a lot worse.

If I can come out of my dark unhappy place, so can you!

I still remember that feeling of impending doom and the feel of my stomach churning. It was pretty much constant however, I can’t remember the last time I felt it.

Reiki is instrumental in my recovery, hence choosing to become a Reiki Master.

My love of Reiki needs to be shared!

Amanda and her Reiki

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