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Reiki Colours and Meanings

My Reiki Colours page is a resource of information collected throughout my years of working with Reiki and understanding what colours mean. Eventually, it will hold links to all posts detailing experiences of seeing colours during Reiki.

Originally, it was my intention to note all of my experience and knowledge in the one post titled, ‘Seeing Colours During Reiki‘. Unfortunately, this is becoming too difficult to read hence, this new page.

Originally, I created that post back in early 2019 and since then I have significantly grown my Reiki knowledge. In fact, I’m smiling now as I reflect upon my innocence and pure passion for learning Reiki. Furthermore, I still have it!

In summarising my experience so far with Reiki, it was naive of me to think that I could provide you with answers. Hopefully, I will provide you with a better understanding of what they can mean.

Seeing Colours During Reiki

When a client experiences Reiki, whether it is a treatment or an attunement, often they see such beautiful and vibrant colours. Sometimes it is just one colour and other times it can be a myriad of colours swirling in and out.

When I see colours, often I can liken it to a kaleidoscope and most times there will be a few significant colours. On one such occasion, I remember seeing a vivid and beautiful light blue. It was so intense and wonderfully calming. At the time, I was performing self-Reiki and my hand was over my throat chakra, which is light blue. I was also meditating on my future goals and where I want to be in life. I couldn’t help but feel like I was being bathed in this beautiful blue.

What do these colours mean?

The key to understanding why you are seeing a certain colour, or colours, is to relate it to prominent feelings, or situations that you are dealing with at that time. Also, a good knowledge of your chakras is essential so that you can work through the possible meanings. Finally, you must be able to trust your intuition!

Like I said earlier, I was working on new goals and I immediately felt safe and assured. There was absolutely no feeling of anxiety and an old affirmation of mine came into my thoughts. ‘Be your authentic self!’

At that very moment, I could feel a warm glow from my hands as I realised how much I had changed. At one time, I was most definitely not being true to my feelings and I was holding myself back because of fear. Now I have peace and I understand fully how anxiety can cause a blockage in ones throat area.

Can a Reiki Practitioner or Master Tell Me Why I See These Colours?

Of course, when you are working with your Reiki practitioner, they can help you to understand the meaning of the colours you see.

If you are seeing colours during Reiki, my advice is to firstly, trust your intuition.

What is your intuition telling you it is?

How do you feel emotionally when seeing this colour?

Don’t be afraid to discuss this with your Reiki practitioner as we can guide you with possible meanings, but ultimately, this is coming from within you. The biggest lesson I have learned so far is to trust my intuition. Journal about it if it helps you to explore deeper the myriad of feelings and possibly suggestions.

I hope this helps you to work on the meaning of seeing colours during Reiki. If you would like to attend one of my workshops to learn more, please get in touch.

Reiki Experiences Seeing Colours

Below is a list of my posts regarding experiences of people and myself seeing colours during Reiki. Feel free to re-visit this page as this list will grow.

Amanda and her Reiki

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Amanda is a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

You may disagree with my findings and you are perfectly fine to do so. I only ask that you remember that I’m documenting my own personal experiences as part of my learning. I’m very open to receiving your opinions and thoughts as long as they are construct

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