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Seeing colours during Reiki


Welcome to my journal about seeing colours during Reiki and what they mean.

Here you will gain a personal insight into my journey of learning and experience of Reiki. Please visit Amanda’s Reiki Journal to view other topics associated with Reiki.

Reiki Colours
Seeing colours during Reiki

What does it mean seeing colours during Reiki?

Reiki colours are prominent colours that my clients tell me they see during their Reiki treatment or a Reiki attunement. Most commonly, these vivid colours are often moving and simply wonderful to observe. However, when trying to figure out their meaning, I always ask my client what they think as often their intuition is telling them. Of course, I can provide a guide below based on particular experiences, but please remember that our energies and experiences are wonderfully unique.

Please note that this post will no longer be added to. Instead, I have created a Reiki Colours page with a guide on how to assess the meaning of the colour seen during Reiki. You will also find an index to other posts of the same topic.

Seeing an intense light sky blue

Do you need some peace in your life?

Do you long to connect with your intuition or guides?

Seeing light blue is a beautiful healing colour that allows you to release pent-up, negative emotions. More importantly, you’re finding it a lot easier to go with the flow. Something is guiding you forward so that you can begin experiencing being at one with yourself and your source.

Seeing purple during a Reiki treatment

Seeing the colour purple is common during a Reiki treatment and I have intuitively associated this with spiritual energy. I’m also thinking that it may have something to do with the experience of opening yourself up to your higher self. This facilitates the natural flow of healing energy, calming your mind, which in turn assists with meditation and trusting in the unknown, or what you can’t physically see. It’s most appropriate for people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Seeing the colour white during Reiki

I remember a client of mine describing seeing a bright white light with rainbow colours. I showed her a piece of Opalite and she said that it was similar.

Another client of mine asked if I had switched on a spotlight in the corner of the room during Reiki. I hadn’t!

He described it as being a brilliant white, shining brightly, and he could sense a lot of power coming from it. He was so sure of seeing this light that while he was relaying his experience, he kept on looking into the corner. His intuition told him that it was a higher being. I remember at the time asking myself why I hadn’t seen it.

August 2022 Update on seeing white light

Recently I was undergoing hypnosis during a training course and I too experienced the same light. I can only describe it as something like a powerful spotlight shining brightly from the right hand side of the room. I remember feeling safe and supported.

The feeling was one of spiritual enlightenment for me. I was very much aware of my environment, so I wasn’t dreaming. You’re never out of it, or unconscious during a hypnotic trance. I felt safe and protected. I believe it is a sign that my guides are with me.

Thick black fog, or grey smoke during a Reiki treatment

I’ll never forget my client telling me days after her treatment, that she experienced seeing the colour black during her Reiki treatment. Worse still, this black colour felt like a thick black fog, or smoke pressing down on her eyes. Days earlier she had experienced a brilliant white that turned to a beautiful purple.

My intuition was telling me that these colours represent her negative stagnant energy leaving her body. However, why would it weight heavily on her eyes?

Moreover, it’s important that I mention that she’s not worrying at all about this. She also feels a lot lighter as though she’s no longer under any pressure.

For my peace of mind, I asked my Reiki Master, Pauline for her advice. A good Reiki master will always be able to provide advice and ongoing guidance.

Is my client refusing to see the reality of her situation?

Healing Crisis

Pauline told me that the colours of grey and black often represents anxiety or the loss of a loved one. They can also represent separation or a change in life style.

Anxiety is one of my client’s symptoms and she had very recently lost a friend. Pauline went on to tell me about a client of hers who once had felt like someone was holding her down. She also had felt a lot of anxiety that day.

She said that sometimes the healing can feel like pressure, but afterward, the client will feel a lot lighter and brighter. This is part of a healing crisis and people describe it differently.

Within time, I have no doubt that I’d have worked this one out for myself, but for now, it’s very important that I have the confidence, and knowledge that I’m not causing people harm.

I could easily search the Internet for other people’s advice about what certain Reiki sensations and experiences mean, but these would be personal to them. This is my journey of trusting my Reiki intuition and experiencing first hand, (no pun intended), the joy of bringing healing into my life, and that of those that I treat.

Further updates can now be found on my Reiki Colours page. Click the button below.

Amanda and her Reiki

If you would like to book a Reiki treatment, please visit my Reiki in Liverpool page. I also have a Reiki FAQ page and if you would like an attunement to Reiki, please visit my Reiki training page.

Amanda is a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

You may disagree with my findings and you are perfectly fine to do so. I only ask that you remember that I’m documenting my own personal experiences as part of my learning. I’m very open to receiving your opinions and thoughts as long as they are constructive.

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2 Responses

  1. Hello

    Do you know anything about seeing turquoise / bright green during treatments please?

    1. Hi Lorraine
      Thank you for taking the time to ask.
      Turquoise and bright green colours are generally considered to be healing colours, but it depends on how you felt and what your intuition tells you as everyone is different.

      Kind Regards

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