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Holistic services and products for your wellbeing

If you’re looking for holistic training in Liverpool that’s delivered with passion and commitment to your learning, then please look no further.

Reiki holistic training

Reiki Holistic Training

Learning Reiki with Amanda is most certainly a beautiful form of holistic training. Visit Amanda's Learn Reiki website to learn more.

aMOONda moon magic course

Use Moon Magic as a Form of Holistic Therapy

aMOONda is a moon magic course based in Liverpool and hosted by me, Amanda. Without question, I have achieved great success in my professional and personal life with using moon magic. Allow me to show you how to practice moon magic so that you too can utilise the energy of the moon for self-healing, and growing your dreams.

Tarot lessons in Liverpool

Learning Tarot Workshop

Are you ready to learn the tarot?Let me show you how to easily and confidently read tarot cards, and perhaps you too can become a professional tarot reader.If you’re looking for one-to-one tuition to learn the tarot cards, then look no further. My name is Amanda and I’m a professional tarot reader and energy healer based in Liverpool.

Crystal therapy workshop

Crystal Therapy Workshop

Join me on my next Crystal Therapy training workshop and grow your passion, and knowledge of using crystals to undoubtedly improve your health, and wellbeing.

Holistic Workshops with Amanda

Amanda’s down to earth style offers you two great benefits.

Firstly, Amanda will undoubtedly improve your overall wellbeing due to her passion and natural abilities to heal.

Secondly and more importantly, she has a passion for teaching that comes from her experience of practicing what she preaches. She is a full-time holistic therapist and trainer who can provide you with everything you need to know. Of course, it goes without saying that she will significantly improve your existing skill set. Amanda’s passion and knowledge is certainly undeniable.

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