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Drawing out negative energy


As a Reiki practitioner, how do you know that you’re drawing out negative energy?

The answer is that you will feel it and a conversation with your client will more than likely confirm it.

Drawing out negative energy
Drawing out negative energy

For those of you who don’t know, most healers will perform a body scan with their hands to feel their client’s energy.

We are looking for anything that is different such as changes in temperature, or movement, or lack of movement.

The other day while treating my client, It was during this stage that I felt a gentle pulse of energy, push against the centre of my left hand. This occurred when moving between her heart and solar plexus chakras, which intuitively I knew was a good thing.

Following the session, I mentioned this to my client and she told me of her feelings around the subject of love that was on her mind. It made sense that I should feel it, but I really wanted to know why I was feeling it.

Drawing out negative energy

When I was meditating hours later, I reflected upon this experience and I came up with my answer. The pulse of energy I felt was negative energy being drawn out of her body.

Why did it take me so long to work this out when it seems so bloody obvious?

One of my client’s aims is to find the man of her dreams. To do this successfully, she will need to be free of any negative energy, or blockage that could hold her back.

As we grow older and experience the ups and downs of love, some of us experience emotional pain. If you’ve been emotionally hurt, you will know how damn awful it is.

I consider it to be the worst emotional pain I’ve ever suffered with. Furthermore, I’m a stubborn bitch at times who takes such experiences to heart. Now, that last sentence is a clue to what I’m going to say.

Previously, I’ve vowed that I will never allow a man to hurt me like that ever again.

Unknowingly, I’ve sealed that negative energy into a brick. This brick is then placed with other such bricks that forms a wall around my heart to protect me from any future emotional pain.

This wall was an emotional block that stopped my flow of Universal healing energy. It also prevented me from finding my true love as fear of being hurt held me back.

In my client’s case, the Reiki has started to work on freeing her heart so that she can give and receive love freely.

Allow Reiki to open your heart

As a trained life coach and with my experience of spiritual healing, I understand the importance of feeling and working with energy.

I know how negative energy develops and how it can prevent us from discovering our true happiness. Thankfully, I know how to release it and Reiki is a beautiful and gentle method.

I enjoy documenting such insights and discoveries, here in my journal as a memoir for my professional development. It’s also an added resource of information for my Reiki students. Please feel free to contribute with your own thoughts and experiences.

Amanda and her Reiki

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Amanda is a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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