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Third Quarter Moon


I firmly believe that the third quarter moon is just as important as the new moon or the full moon.

It’s especially true if you enjoy practicing moon magic. Without a doubt, her energy at this important time, is one of reflection and healing as we now take time out to focus on our inner strength.

Third Quarter Moon
  • What has come into your life that is of benefit to you?
  • What is blocking you from reaching your full potential?
  • Are you in tune with the Universe?

Third Quarter Moon

Firstly, looking at the moon in the sky, you will see that she’s fully shining on her left side. Moreover, we are at the halfway position between the full moon and the new moon. Subsequently, we have not fully completed the current moon phase hence the most significant phase in the moon’s cycle.

Are you in tune with the Universe?

Today, while practicing my self-care routine, pieces of information came floating into my mind like whispers from the Universe. Sometimes, I can be quite whimsical with my words, but it was a beautiful and profound moment. I realised that I was holding fear in my root chakra and that if I’m not careful I will most certainly block my future path. The day before I was reminded how important it is be living in the present moment otherwise I will block my future path.

Subsequently, I check the current phase of the moon and it’s a third quarter moon. Without a doubt, I’m in tune with the moon’s cycle, therefore the Universe. I feel absolutely wonderful as I cherish this moment in time!


During my self-care routine, I’m naturally reflecting on my progress and current wellbeing while using Reiki. Subsequently, I know that I need to be spending more of my time in the present moment. There’s simply no point in worrying about my future when I have no control over it. Yes of course I can always ensure that I’m prepared for any eventuality, but I only have control over how I react to something.

Why fear something that isn't here with you right now?

Fear is something that we all need in our lives to keep us safe. Of course, fear if we are using it proactively, helps us to plan our futures. It certainly shouldn’t be making us scared to make a move or allow us to start procrastinating while playing the ‘what-if‘ game. Being present is fundamental to coping with difficult times.

Consequently, I now know what I need to release and do to ensure continued wellbeing.

The remaining week is now for relaxing and healing. Finally, I’m ready to enjoy my meditations and Reiki.


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