Goal Setting with Reiki

Goal Setting with Reiki

Goal setting with Reiki

Goal setting with Reiki is a regular practice of mine to help me achieve and maintain success.

This is my account of incorporating Reiki into my goal setting routine.

Since being attuned to Reiki, I’ve achieved great success with my goal setting. Lately though, I’ve found myself feeling nervous about my future. To be honest, it’s not really surprising with the ‘cost of living‘ crisis that we are all facing. Furthermore, I’m finding it hard to motivate myself and I wouldn’t say that I’m over anxious about my future. Thankfully, I’m fully aware of the consequences of not following a regular self-care routine, which I consider essential.

Fortunately, something is guiding me to start incorporating Reiki with my goal setting routine. Furthermore, I’ve learned that allowing my intuition to guide me certainly helps me grow and achieve my goals. Subsequently, here I am now, writing about my first experiences of setting goals using Reiki.

Goal setting with Reiki

My existing practice of manifesting my goals is utilising the energy of the moon otherwise known as Moon Magic. However, lately I feel as though I’ve reached my peak of manifesting and I’m allowing a fear of failure to begin creeping in. Luckily, it’s my existing practices of Reiki, moon magic and tarot reading that keep me from failing.

I have many life tools that I can draw upon but lately, my love for Reiki is unbelievably strong.

Why not use Reiki to empower my goals?

Each morning, following my chant of the five Reiki principles, I like to perform self-Reiki. It was during such a session that my intuition kicked in. Why not use Reiki to dissolve any blockages that are affecting me from achieving my goals?

Let’s not forget that Reiki is Universal energy. Furthermore, in order to remain inspired, creative and optimistic about our futures, we require a good flow of energy. Therefore, where in my body is the energy struggling to flow?

With a combination of Reiki, meditation and affirmations, I started uncovering some profound realisations. Now, before I begin, yes, some of these are obvious, but it’s when you actually sit and feel the energy that they become real. Sitting and going deep within is something that we should all do as a method of unlocking our weaknesses. Perhaps it’s the Reiki bringing them to life?

Just go with the flow

My affirmation that I keep on returning to, therefore I don’t master is…

I trust in the process and I go with the flow.

If I cannot allow myself to go with the flow, how can I achieve difficult goals?

As a matter of personal fact, I realised that I’m at my worst when business is quiet. This is when I start worrying as I’ve spent many years, decades in fact of keeping myself busy. I’ve never learned to TRULY switch off! Of course, I switch off during my self-care routine when meditating however, I now realise that I should be taking advantage of quiet moments, of being in the present moment instead of inside my head worrying.

Subsequently, this was my first realisation when incorporating Reiki into my goal setting.


The second day of goal setting with Reiki was simply beautiful. The heat I felt around my throat chakra was so unbelievably comforting. As a consequence, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Opening your heart begins in the present moment. It is here that you see the Universe working for you.

During this moment of bliss, my second realisation occurred. Furthermore, I can only describe my realisations as psychic whispers from my guides. How can I hear or feel them if I’m not present?

Goal Setting with Reiki

Goal setting with Reiki is very much in its infancy and my intention is to offer this as a future Reiki Workshop. For now though, it’s important that I trial it on myself and others before bringing it into service. I’m also performing my research to read about how other people use Reiki for manifesting their goals, which is also inspiring. Thankfully, I’m pleased to find out that following my intuition and being creative, I’m delivering something different.

I highly recommend you read How to Manifest Your Intentions with Reiki over at Chopra. Following my own intuition on how to use Reiki, I’m pleased to find that my method has some minor similarities. Therefore, I’m feeling fully inspired to continue my work in this area.

William Rand has written his Reiki and Manifesting article which is an informative read especially if you want to know how energy works.

Life is a journey of learning and along the way, I find that my health and well-being most certainly improves. Visit Learn Reiki to view current Reiki workshops.