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Mastering my energy

Mastering my energy

In my latest journal, I’m exploring the subject of mastering my energy and how I’m using the moon’s energy to manifest my goals. I’ll begin with this

Drawing out negative energy
Reiki Journal

Drawing out negative energy

As a Reiki practitioner, how do you know that you’re drawing out negative energy? The answer is that you will feel it and a conversation

Principles of Reiki
Meditation & Mindfulness

Principles of Reiki

Affirming these 5 principles of Reiki everyday, will help us enhance our mental health and well-being. Read on to find out more.. Dr Usui (1865

Feeling lost

Feeling Lost

When you are feeling lost and you have no motivation, please don\’t succumb to it. We all feel like this at times and it\’s what makes us human.

Tourmaline for anxiety relief
Gemstone Healing

Tourmaline for Anxiety

I’ve had great success using Tourmaline for anxiety relief and I’m not on my own. It’s renowned for protection as well as helping people manage

Anxiety Kit Liverpool
Gemstone Healing

Anxiety Crystals

The anxiety chakra kit contains my choice of anxiety crystals to help you manage your anxiety. If you would like to know what crystals are

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