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Healing with the Tarot


Healing with the Tarot is a concept that not many people consider. Unfortunately, too many people believe that it’s purely a method to predict the future, I disagree!

Healing with the Tarot
Tarot readings for healing

Just like to say how inspired and impressed I was with my reading from @Amandanormangemstones today and would definitely recommend her if you want a reading.

Debbie H

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always delivered positive healing energy for my clients during a tarot reading. The only difference between now and 20 odd years ago, is that since my awakening, or Reiki attunements, it has grown in strength and significance.

Spiritual Awakening

Instinctively, I always knew that I was replacing the clients negative energy with positive energy and that tarot cards are a great tool for achieving this. I now realise how areas of my life were always centred around healing. My life had come full circle and it also confirmed that my true calling was one of healing.

Tarot is my self-therapy

Amanda Norman

My spiritual awakening started the day I decided to beat my anxiety. It was also the day I listened and followed the advice of my inner voice. That voice, my inner soul, screamed out so loudly that it couldn’t be ignored. My anxiety had been so severe that I almost threw everything away that mattered to me. At that time, I believed that I would have been better off alone, which of course wasn’t true.

This particular day was also significant for my healing, because I accepted my psychic abilities. I had always sensed that I was psychic, but I had never pursued it. I followed my intuition and incorporated the tarot cards into my own self-healing. I’ve not looked back!

One day I told myself that enough is enough and I climbed back up out of my dark hole.

Amanda Norman

Shadow work with the tarot cards

When you work with the tarot cards, you are delving deep into your psyche to discover what’s holding you back in life. This is known as shadow work.

There are so many things in life that we deny ourselves from feeling and experiencing.

We allow fear to hold us back instead of living life to the full.

Sometimes, we are not aware of what feelings and emotions we are suppressing and these can go back to our childhood. We are very good at unknowingly avoiding emotional pain, but unfortunately, this manifests in a number of negative behaviours. My shadow work article will provide you with more of an insight.

There are also times when we avoid doing what we would love to do. Instead, we worry about what others think or expect of us.

Healing with the Tarot

Denying our hearts true calling can lead us to feeling stressed, anxious or stuck in a rut. We begin thinking that there’s more to life, but often we don’t know where to start.

Tarot cards reveal the truth and it can be likened to looking into a mirror. Instead of seeing just your reflection, the tarot cards reveal your suppressed thoughts and emotions that are not visible on the surface!

Amanda Norman

A tarot reading is an excellent place to start, for it is the key to diminishing the barriers that you have built up for protection.

My story of healing with the Tarot

In my case, I pushed and persevered for just over 10 years in my health and safety career. My anxiety built up, and I became disillusioned and unfulfilled with it all, but I still stayed in the role because I was rooted with fear.

My hearts desire and true life calling is to keep people safe and healthy, but I was constantly faced with politics in the workplace, and excuses.

I was quashing my soul’s purpose in staying and trying to work within the various constraints. My inner calling was to become self-employed and help people with Reiki, and tarot. Fear was controlling me by making me think that I will struggle without a salary and that I will end up being miserable.

Fulfilment is what I was seeking and I knew I would get this if I started my own holistic business. In the end, I beat my fear and I resigned! Of course, I put my plans in place first. To just quit without thinking about it would have have led me to the frying pan.

I’ve never been happier since the day I left it all behind. Life has been so much more fun and it’s increased my zest for living. The tarot cards helped me figure out who I really am and they continue to offer me the guidance I seek.

A positive tarot reading will help you to realign your energy and figure out what it is that’s holding you back. It will uplift your spirits and build your inner strength, so that you can step out of your self imposed prison.

Moon Magic and Manifestation

Each new and full moon I read the tarot when practicing moon magic. It helps me to manifest my dreams and goals. I used it extensively as part of my plan to build my new self-employed career. I’m pleased to say that I continue to see results.

Did you know the best time for a tarot reading is during a full moon? This is because the moon illuminates your hidden shadows.

I would love to provide you with a reading as it provides me with the same abundance of positive energy. I love it and I honestly can’t get enough of it!

Healing with the Tarot can be achieved online

It disheartens me when I hear people say no to a tarot reading or long distance Reiki that’s offered online.

Although I respect a persons opinion, universal energy connects every living thing throughout the cosmic universe. Energy is universal and anything with energy vibrates at a particular frequency. Take sound waves for example, you don’t need to be in the same room as a DJ to listen to the music they play.

My tarot readings can be delivered in person at my shop in St John’s Market, Liverpool city centre. They can also be delivered over a webcam or telephone.

You will feel my positive energy. I’m not one of those tarot readers who takes your details and then emails you information from a reading that you never attended.

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