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Tourmaline for Anxiety


I’ve had great success using Tourmaline for anxiety relief and I’m not on my own. It’s renowned for protection as well as helping people manage their anxiety.

Tourmaline for anxiety
Tourmaline for anxiety

Anyone who is, or has been unfortunate enough to be suffering with continual anxiety knows all about fear. Feelings of impending doom are present most of the time. It also stops you from following your heart thus, further feelings of anxiety growing.

Worst of all, is someone asking you, ‘why are you scared?’

There are plenty of times that I didn’t know the answer. However, if you do know the answer, sometimes it’s easier to remain quiet. Unfortunately, when suffering with anxiety, we can turn inwards for fear of upsetting others.

The good news is, you can turn things around just like I did. An easy option is to start including mindful meditation with crystals, into your daily self-care routine. It worked for me and it you too could be successful.

Tourmaline for Anxiety is an excellent choice

Beautiful Tourmaline is a very good crystal to start meditating with because it resonates strongly with your root chakra.

Your root chakra is responsible for your feelings of safety and stability. When not in balance, you’re at risk of experiencing feelings of fear and procrastination. Fortunately, Tourmaline has a very good reputation for being the crystal to protect you from negative energy. Below you will find my instructions on how to use Tourmaline during a meditation.

Firstly, please note that meditating alone with Tourmaline will not cure your anxiety.

Anxiety is a natural function for you to live safely as it alerts you to potential danger. You should never want to be rid of your anxiety. It’s far better if you’re in a position of managing it. Remember, your fight or flight is a response to POTENTIAL danger. Therefore, you have the power to challenge your perception of fear. Without doing so, you can become controlled by your fear. Furthermore, it can potentially get the better of you, and affect the quality of your life.

Your GP or doctor can help you manage it and my advice below, complements your health care practitioner’s treatment.

Observing your thoughts with Tourmaline

For you to successfully manage your anxiety, you need to be observant of your thoughts. Meditating for at least 5 minutes a day can work. Also, don’t get distracted by the word meditating, or thinking that this is going to be too difficult.

Before I begin, let me describe what happens when you are not in control of your thoughts.

A leaf is a thought…

Imagine sitting at the side of a river bank in Autumn. There’s quite a strong breeze that’s lifting the Autumn coloured leaves from their branches. As a consequence, this sends them fluttering through the air before they land on the gentle rivers surface. Imagine now watching these leaves gently floating on by and consider the following.

Each leaf is a thought, fluttering through your mind.

Would it surprise you to know that an average person can have more than 6,000 thoughts per day? Reference: Healthline

If my mathematical thinking is correct, this works out at 4.16 thoughts a minute.

Now imagine four leaves floating by you every minute and each of these leaves being a thought. It’s far better that you let them continue floating on by, other than attaching to a thought. Otherwise, you will trap yourself in an awful tangled mess of thoughts. When this happens, you have lost control of your thinking and your head is *u****!

When you attach to a thought/leaf, you are jumping on the DRAMA ROUNDABOUT of life.

What is this drama roundabout?

Each rotation of the drama roundabout is unsettling your emotions, plus a new thought continues the rotation.

When you’re riding your drama roundabout, YOU become a director and star of your very own survival movie. The longer you’re riding it, the more far fetched your original thought has grown. Sometimes, you’re so far into this revolving roundabout that you lose track of where you started. Hence, that initial thought is long gone and you’re wondering why you’re feeling scared.

Learning to observe your thoughts will help you to recognise when you have jumped onto the drama roundabout. Therefore, you have the wonderful choice of jumping right back off if and regaining control.

Mindful meditating will assist with helping you to focus on the present moment and observe your thinking. There are plenty of free meditations lasting about 10 minutes that are available on YouTube.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have days when I let my anxiety get the better of me. However, I take myself out of it when I realise that I’ve hopped onto that damn drama roundabout. Before learning about mindful meditation and incorporating a self-care routine, I was living on that roundabout. I didn’t know it though! I was stuck inside my head trying to create a movie out of each leaf floating by.

Practicing mindfulness with Tourmaline for anxiety

So, you’ve realised that you’re on the drama roundabout and you need to get off quickly. The answer is to stop what you’re doing and breathe. Use your senses to bring yourself back to your present moment, where life is real, fun, exciting and beautiful.

Take in a deep breath slowly through your nose and then exhale slowly through your mouth.

When breathing in deeply, you will feel your stomach and chest expand. When exhaling, feel the tension releasing from your shoulders that will drop a significant height away from your ears. Try it out now, as usually all we need is about three breaths to steady ourselves and calm us down. Next, take hold of your Tourmaline, it’s always best to carry it with you, and follow the steps below.

Using your senses to manage anxiety

  • Look at the beauty of your Tourmaline and see the texture, shape and how the light reflects off it
  • Close your eyes and picture what you’ve just seen in your minds eye
  • FEEL the crystal in your left hand, does it feel warm, cold, soft, rough, or smooth?
  • When you are calm, take in a nice slow deep breath and when exhaling, open your eyes.

The Tourmaline in that moment of panic, or overwhelm will bring your back to your senses. It will help you to feel safe and calm. As I said earlier, it’s a protective crystal that can assist with deflecting negative thoughts.

Mindful Meditation with Tourmaline

You can perform a similar exercise daily as part of your self-care routine.

Set a timer for at least 5 minutes and begin increasing your time when you’ve got the hang of it.

  • Sit quietly with no distractions while holding your Tourmaline
  • Take at least three long deep breaths, (as described above) and gently close your eyes on your final exhale
  • Settle your breathing and notice how your body feels with every intake and exhale of your breath
  • Now visualise your piece of Tourmaline in your minds eye and feel it in your hand
  • What if any emotions are you feeling while holding your Tourmaline?
  • Concentrate solely on your Tourmaline now without attaching yourself to any thoughts that may arise

If you notice that you drift off thinking about what you’re going to have for your dinner, simply smile. Refocus back onto your breathing, and the feel of your Tourmaline for anxiety.

Note, it’s natural for thoughts to arise so don’t be harsh on yourself with negative self-judgement. The object of mindful meditating is to observe your thoughts and let them go. If you notice that you have attached yourself to a thought, your meditating IS WORKING. With continued practice, you know when you’re in drama roundabout land.

At the end of your session, know that you have just given yourself a mental health spa treatment. Seriously, the more you practice, the easier it becomes to manage your anxiety.

Concluding using Tourmaline for Anxiety

Performing mindful meditations on a daily basis will help you with observing your thoughts. It will also help with your overall balance of mind, body, and soul.

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