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Grounding Meditation


Reconnect with Mother Nature and feel good about yourself with this grounding meditation. Let Amanda guide you.

Reconnect with Mother Nature and feel good about yourself with this grounding meditation
Amanda’s grounding meditation

Below is how I perform my grounding meditation prior to practising Reiki, Chakra Balancing, or Tarot.

Grounding yourself means connecting yourself with Mother Earth’s energy and being fully present in the moment. You should not be distracted by any thoughts or external influences. Feel the peace and calm of the moment, and relax. Concentrate solely on your breath feeling the rise and fall of your body with each intake and exhale.

When meditating if any thoughts creep in and take over, just remember to refocus on your breathing. Finally, never chastise yourself for losing focus. Simply smile with the knowledge that your meditation is working. The very fact that you noticed you had lost focus, is the very proof that your meditation is working.

Amanda’s grounding meditation

  • Sit with your feet flat on the floor, back straight and close your eyes. You can choose to do this lying down if that’s more comfortable
  • Take a slow deep breath in while counting to four, feel your stomach rise, hold for four seconds and then gently exhale for four seconds
  • Repeat another two times and when breathing in, imagine white healing light, flooding your body. When exhaling, imagine expelling all of the negativity and stress you have been holding
  • Allow your breathing to return to normal
  • Once ready, visualise or feel your root chakra at the base of your spine beginning to glow a beautiful red. Don’t worry if you can’t visualise red. Simply feel a glow warming this area of your body, slowly expanding out encompassing your legs and feet each time you gently exhale
  • You feel safe and secure while this glowing mist continues to expand
  • With each expansion, imagine or feel, thick and strong tree roots growing from your feet. They begin penetrating the floor, travelling down through the ground, the soil and down to the very core of Mother Earth
  • Take as long as you like to get there. This is your time to enjoy

Feel the energy

  • You know when you’ve arrived as it’s peaceful there. It’s an open space with a pool of beautiful energy, shining brightly. You feel compelled to sit down, dip your feet in, relax and stay for a while
  • Take as long as you like here and enjoy the tranquillity while watching shimmers of light reflecting off the surface. See the light surrounding you and making you feel relaxed, warm and safe
  • As you slowly breathe in, you feel the light rising up your legs, cruising through your veins and it feels refreshing. You feel its magic, and with each exhale it rises higher, and higher until it reaches your heart. Each time you breathe out, your body relaxes more
  • On your next inhale, you see a beautiful glowing light that is stronger than before. It’s now enveloping you making you feel safe, secure, peaceful and re-energised. You feel a strong sense of connection with Mother Earth, and you feel at one with yourself.
  • You feel grounded!


  • Enjoy these feelings for as long as you want.
  • When you are ready to return, feel yourself gently rising upwards until you become aware of your actual surroundings
  • Focus your attention back onto your breathing and you can open your eyes. Say thank you to Mother Earth for her healing energy

Please note that I don’t have any qualifications to manage your mental health and I can only offer you general advice from my own experiences. Please consult your GP if you’re struggling with your mental health as they will get you the help you need.

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