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Hypnotherapy for losing weight


It’s only right that I commit to losing weight with hypnotherapy. I’m going to put my skills as a trained hypnotherapist to the test and I’ll journal my progress through my blog.

Will I be successful at losing weight?

Losing weight with hypnotherapy

First things first!

For hypnotherapy to work, I must be 100% committed to it, which I am!

I will admit however, I love my food and yes, my portions are on the large side.

I’m also aware that my problems with food are more than likely psychological. I do have thyroid issues, but I have my levels checked on a regular basis. I also gave up smoking in 2018, which has contributed to my weight gain. I’ve replaced the habit of smoking with snacking, especially after tea. I would go out for a cigarette and instead, I switched to a desert, EEEEK!

There’s no better time to set a new intention than during a new moon, which fell on the 25th of September. As you may or may not know, I do practice moon magic, so I’m going to marry my hypnotherapy with my moon magic.

Moon Magic and Hypnotherapy

With any type of goal setting, if you don’t put in any energy then it’s highly probable that you will fail. Therefore, I ‘chunked’ down my quest into manageable steps that includes the following: –

  • Buy a mic gain for recording self-hypnosis
  • Read up on exercises for preparing my induction
  • Record induction and listen to it every day.

First Quarter Moon Progress

I’m pleased to say that I ticked off the above tasks within 5 days. The first quarter moon arrived on the 3rd of October, and I am double committed to my task.

The only task that I haven’t fully completed is listening to my induction every day. I have listened every other day and I haven’t had a snack since I recorded it. I’m also GOBSMACKED that when looking at my reflection in the mirror, my stomach looked flatter. Of course, this phrase was in my induction meditation, but it works. I’m astounded!

“And now you imagine seeing yourself, stomach flat, hips and thighs firm and trim. You look great and you feel great.”

Losing weight with hypnotherapy
Losing weight with hypnotherapy



Today, the 05th of October, I open the fridge and Mark has filled it with JUNK FOOD, for ME!

It’s for me as he doesn’t eat caramel choux buns, pork pies and scotch eggs. My chin just hit the floor as I stared at it confused, plus I was hungry as it was lunch time.

I never ate any of it, so this is good!

I stuck to my three dark rye Ryvita with margarine, oh and two vegetarian sausages.

He got me the junk food as a treat for my birthday, which is tomorrow on the 6th of October.

I’ve hypnotised myself to push them off the table as they are poison to my body. If I choose to eat any junk food, I will only eat an exceedingly small amount that will satisfy me completely. Well, I suppose time will tell.

Will I be successful with using hypnotherapy to lose weight?

Birthday success with losing weight with hypnotherapy

So, Mark gave me a scotch egg with my salad today and I took one bite of the sausage meat coated in breadcrumbs and I left the rest. I ate the boiled egg inside, but everything else was a no no. Just a complete turn off for my appetite, which is my birthday success. However, I do have to admit defeat with the chocolate and caramel covered choux bun. It was magnificent and I’m worthy of a treat.

The hypnotherapy is working!

Stay tuned for further updates.

Amanda is a proud member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

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